AMBERBIER - alc. 5,5 % vol. - 32 EBC - 30 IBU

A slightly bitter tasting beer with a slight caramel taste and a low alcohol percentage.

Amber beers are available in:
SARABeer - BLOTE KONTENBEER (this is in the outer area of Uden on
Bedaf a shifting sand dunes that are two and look like a bare ass).
BLONDBIER  - alc. 6 % vol. - 12 EBC - 28 IBU

Has a golden yellow colour and is a top-fermented beer. It is brewed with pilsner malt with some wheat malt for the foam collar. It is soft, subtle and with a light hops taste.
In the Uden area this beer is known as PRILLEKE a reference to a historic Lime tree (Tilia ×europaea) that was destroyed during a storm in May 2006. Also known as Blote Konten (Bare Bottoms) this rather odd reference is to the sand dunes at Bedaf which do indeed remind one of a large bottom!

ANTONIUS ABT - alc. 7,2 % vol. - 15 EBC - 35 IBU

A top-fermented beer with a light yellow blond colour has a malty and hops bitter taste with a slight citrus aftertaste due to addition of lemon and orange peel. Antonius Abt is also marketed as Jantjes Tripple

The Tripel beers are available in:
ABT - (named after Saint Anthony which, inter alia, a patron
For the brewers, and since I have been with the brewery in Volkel
Antony opposite the church there). T.z.t. There will also be a
Udense variant

BARLEY-WINE - alc. 9 % vol. - 49 EBU - 50 IBU

A barley wine brewed from specific gravities as high as 1.120. Use of the word wine is due to its alcoholic strength similar to a wine. Jantje brews in the English style which tends to be less bitter and may have little hop flavour.

Barley - Wine comes in:
scarecrow cherry village Uden, he is still large on the
Flat if you Uden is driven inside).

RAUCHBIER - alc. 6 % vol. - 32 EBC - 25 IBU

An amber coloured beer with a slight smoke smell and smoke flavour with a mild Woody aftertaste of beech/oak. The taste is achieved by drying malt over an open flame which imparts a smoky character to the malt.

Currently only available in: JANTJES RAUCHBIER.
WEIZEN - alc. 6 % vol. - 8 EBC - 13 IBU

A soft tasting beer with 50% wheat malt, 49% malted barley and 1% colour malt with Ammerillo hops giving a hint of flavour edging to banana and cloves.

Currently only available in: JANTJES WEIZEN
HEMELRIJK WIT - alc. 6 % vol. - 10 EBC - 15 IBU

Beer 50% wheat and 50% barley malt, which is attached elderflower during fermentation to add to his

get specific taste.
This is named after the outskirts of VOLKEL and
to the sky with its white clouds

JANTJES DOUBLE - alc. 6,5% vol. - 35 EBC - 31 IBU

The term dubbel (also double) is from the Belgian Trappist beer naming convention. Full flavour and soft to the pallet, dark brown in colour.

Currently only
Jan Double available, but there is also a 2017 Udense name.

UDENS BOKBEER - alc. 6,5 % vol. - 34 EBC - 31 IBU

A top-fermented seasonal beer, it has a full malt and caramel flavour and dark in colour. There will be a Lentebock in the spring of 2017. This will also be a top-fermented beer, dark blond in colour and 6.5% ALC. vol.

KERSENBEER - alc. 6 % vol. - 30 EBC - 25 IBU

Is a fermented beer with various cherry species, including the famous
UJESE BLACK is a mistake,
this beautiful deep red color is obtained and a delicious cherry flavor.

ALTBEER - alc. 5,5 % vol. - 40 EBU - 30 IBU

Altbeer usually has a dark copper colour and is fermented at a moderate temperature using a top-fermenting yeast, yielding light fruitiness but matured at a cooler temperature giving it the characteristic clean and crisp taste.

All beers are available in crates / boxes of 12 or 24 bottles of 30 cl. (Returnable)

Also in casks of 12.5 liter and / or 20 liters.

On special request, the beer can in 75-150 or 300 cl. be delivered in good time prior to arrival

because the bottles are not always in stock.

Jantjes Bieren Uden
Saxofoonstraat 80
5402 CG Uden
the Netherlands

+31 (0)413 - 26 93 61 / +31 (0)6 - 53 19 48 13

Jantjes Beer is brewed with passion for having fun
but to be enjoyed in moderation.