This is an all day and/or all evening program for a company, local, family, staff-or a Bachelor Party at a location of your choosing. The event takes approximately 5.5 hours, and beer and good fun form the core of the event.

What can you expect ?

* We’ll be brewing one of our standard beers, the Blond.

* You’ll design and print your own Private Labels.

* You’ll design and engrave your own beer glass.

* You may bake a beer bread, and top it with authentic beer sausages
   and/or cheese.

* You’ll take part in various games and activities eg

-  Beer cap checkers.
-  Coaster shuffleboard.
-  Beer bottle ring toss
-  and/or darts.

There are 3 small (beer) prizes to be earned.

* You will taste 6
  different beers:

-  a Lager.
-  an Altbeer.
-  an Amber beer.
-  a Blond.
-  a Double.
-  and a Triple.

The flavors are seasonal and can
differ if another stock that is present.
For the designated drivers we have, spring water, cola and orange juice


Jantjes Bieren Uden
Saxofoonstraat 80
5402 CG Uden
the Netherlands

+31 (0)413 - 26 93 61 / +31 (0)6 - 53 19 48 13
-  At the end of the session 36 bottles of specialty beer remain and the
   created labels will be applied.
   These bottles are to take home, so that everyone has 3 bottles of
   specialty beer has to be enjoyed at home.
Cost of all this,
€ 399.00 incl. VAT,
but excl. Deposit
This price is for up to 12 people.
Want to be more than one person participate in the SINT ARNOLDUS BEER BREWING PARTY,
Also this is possible, the added cost € 10.95 per person, this is for it to take beer glass engraving and to the 6 different beers.

or, If they also want the 3 bottles special beer to take home then instead € 16.95 per person
Transport costs

Transport costs
To 20 km, around Uden, no charge free, up there, there are transportation costs.

from 21km € 0.30 per km to a maximum of € 55.00.
Get a free quote; This remains valid for 3 weeks and after a deposit of €50.00 is the price final.
Ring us and discuss it, everything is negotiable so we’ll come to an agreement.

Get a free quote; This price remains valid for 3 weeks and after a deposit of € 50.00 is the price final.

Jantjes Beer is brewed with passion for having fun
but to be enjoyed in moderation.