In 1993 after a period of 15 years as an amateur home brewer, I transitioned to a professional brewery, this in part because in 1992 Uden celebrated the Cherry Fest and the organising committee approached me for an amount of cherry beer. Unfortunately I did not have enough and went to work in my kitchen to brew 250 litres. This to the dissatisfaction of my dear wife who complained of the smell in our home. She forbad me to do a second brewing at home so I went out to look for a solution, a brewery to make my beer! After a search and try outs at a number of breweries I finally settled down in the village of Schaijk at the Zon Brewery.

Three batches, a total of 750 litres of Cherry Beer were sold within a week but the constant commuting to Schaijk became too much of a burden and I started looking for a location in Uden to continue my brewing adventure. With some luck and support from the Town Council I was able to establish a small brewery in the Burgemeester Buskensstraat right here in Uden. Not only did I brew the now famous Cherry Beer but expanded to Amber and Double beers with help from my friends Angelo Tielen, Jan Koenders and my brother Aart Martens. Some of the beer labels were drawn by my friend Marius Hoofd who still designs them now.

The building was scheduled for demolition and after a few break ins and vandalism issues I decided to pack up and move to another location, Volkel. The brewery was moved to an older storage facility and went operational on June 15th 1998. Local radio personality Jan van Dommelen filled the airwaves with the good news! Again I expanded production to include Hemelrijk Wit, a white beer and a Triple Beer, Antonius Abt, so called because the brewery was very close to the Antonius Church!

Unfortunately an end came to the brewery late in 2001 as Aart withdrew his support and both my wife Margriet and I were felled by health issues. The lease was about to expire and had to be renewed for another 5 years but I could not find a successor. So ended my adventure and all was sold to Brouwerij de Boei on Texel Island.

In retrospect, I should have kept the equipment. After 10 intensive months of medical care many of our issues were resolved.

Late in 2002 a shop here in Uden, Het Wijnhuis started asking for my special beers and once again I was bitten by the bug and started searching for a brewer’s home. Found one with the Maasland Brouwery in Oss where I was able to hire the Walhalla kettle and continue brewing.

In 2005 I designed and built a mobile microbrewery. This 100 litre capacity unit went with me to parties and companies or at homes and was a sensation! Brewing beer was becoming a social activity and could be booked via Arnoldus Beer Brew Party. Later I modified the installation to a 50 litre capacity and this year reduced to 20 litres to facilitate transport and usage.

When the Maasland Brewery closed it’s doors in 2010 I moved once again, this time to the Saint Servattumus brewery where I continue to brew my special beers. I also brew a bit at the iegelm microbrewery in the village of Saint Michielsgestel.

I sincerely hope that in due time a brewery will open once again in Uden. The search for a partner and co-owwner is on!
Unfortunately until 2020 it has not been possible to start another brewery in UDEN, and is now continuing as an amateur brewer in his garden shed.

The Brewer, Jan Martens.

Tuinhuis Brouwerij Jantje
Saxofoonstraat 80
5402 CG Uden
the Netherlands

+31 (0)413 - 26 93 61 / +31 (0)6 - 53 19 48 13

Jantjes Beer is brewed with passion for having fun
but to be enjoyed in moderation.